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Boost Convenience Store Sales with In-Store Messaging

Music is all around us. In our cars, homes, workplaces, restaurants and shops. Many retailers are familiar with the concept of creating customer-friendly ambiance with in-store music and the effects that different styles and tempos can have on shopping patterns.  Although customers don’t necessarily pay attention to the actual music being played, the tempo has been found to influence the pace that people shop at – studies have shown that up-tempo music can make us walk and shop more quickly, while slower paced background music can slow customers down and increase browsing time. Just having customers spend greater dwell time in-store may be considered to be beneficial enough, but If the right music can increase the time that shoppers spend in the store, can retailers take even greater advantage of this extra time?

Can your store become another salesperson?

If the amount of time that shoppers spend in store can be influenced by playing the right music, why not use that additional shopping time to further encourage sales?  Carefully produced and scheduled overhead messaging can create an in-store radio feel, grabbing attention, allowing special offers to be promoted and customers to be presented with a range of advertising opportunities while they browse. The messages have to be right – too long and the point is lost – but engaging and targeted messaging can be like having another salesperson in the store.

The advertising potential of in-store messaging.

It’s easy to generalise about the benefits of creating a better retail experience by using overhead music and messaging, but is it possible to put figures to the potential?

The Association of Convenience Stores says, in its 2018 Local Shop Report that shoppers visit their local store an average of 3.4 times per week, or 15 times per month. Taking a conservative dwell time of 4 minutes per visit, that adds up to 60 minutes of browsing time per month. If promotional messages are played once for every 4 minutes of music, this means that customers can experience 15 advertisements per month. The Local Shop Report also states that as many as 20% of shoppers are buying special offers – giving targeted messaging enormous potential to boost sales.

Turn your airspace into another salesperson and generate sales with overhead messaging.


If you would like to discover more about FreedomMusic as an option for royalty free and licence free in-store music and messaging, please visit www.freedom-music.co.uk or call 0345 071 1359.

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