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Can You Play Spotify in Your Business?

With more and more businesses looking to improve the ambience in their shops, work spaces and restaurants and provide a better customer experience with overhead music, questions are regularly asked about whether services that we use for our personal listening enjoyment can be used in commercial venues.

One such question is whether the free-for-personal-use streaming platform Spotify can be used to provide music in stores, restaurants or other places of work. After all, everyone has access to millions of tracks for their own use, so why not extend the listening pleasure to your customers to help create the perfect atmosphere for them to spend money?

Because, unfortunately, it’s illegal.

Spotify’s User Guidelines make the answer to this very clear. It is not permitted to use Spotify for “performing or displaying to the public, broadcasting, or making available to the public any part of the Spotify Service or the Content”. Spotify did experiment with a Business Account in the USA, which would allow business owners to subscribe to a service that permitted commercial use. This would have raised two issues in countries such as the UK. First, it’s not free any more and second, it would also require the appropriate PPL PRS licence. Suddenly, the streaming service that’s free for personal use wasn’t going to be very competitive.

Licence Free Music Hits the Spot

Instead, businesses are increasingly turning to FreedomMusic to provide a managed in-store music and messaging solution that can save money on licence fees, whilst improving sales of specific products or services. FreedomMusic's licence free music doesn’t require potentially costly PPL PRS licences and has the advantage of being able to include in-store messaging to provide customers with targeted information and adverts

If you would like to discover more about FreedomMusic as an option for royalty free and licence free in-store music and messaging, please visit www.freedom-music.co.uk or call 0345 071 1359.

Who we are

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