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Managing Multiple Retail and Restaurant Sites Remotely

If your retail or restaurant brand has multiple sites across the UK, or even worldwide, it can be common to experience growing pains that are associated with expansion. Some of the symptoms of growing pains include, maintaining staff motivation and focus, site cleanliness, and arguably most importantly, maintaining the brand values and consistency at all times.

To combat these common problems, many brands will deploy inter-managerial roles across regional or area geographies. However, this can dilute responsibility, making it unclear with whom ‘the buck stops’. Another issue with multiple levels of ‘middle-management’ can be the growing chasm of disparity between head office and the site floor. This causes employees at a grass-roots level to feel isolated with their voices falling on deaf ears. It’s important to maintain a degree of interaction at all levels, but how can a multi-site operation realistically maintain this?

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One way to ensure that crucial brand messages are cascaded down through your operation is to use new media solutions. Internal social or messaging applications can be a great way to give your employees a voice, opening a dialogue between you that they could never historically have had. Of course, you don’t want staff constantly on their personal mobile phones while they’re supposed to be serving your customers, but there is always a time and a place for this (i.e. lunch breaks, days off etc.)

Other alternative methods of managing sites remotely, include overhead messaging or in-store radio solutions. FreedomMusic customers often utilise a messaging schedule functionality to directly communicate with their store or restaurant staff remotely. Cascading down praise or offers through motivational messaging can be a great way to get staff revved up before opening times. Sometimes all it takes is a quick ‘shout-out’ for someone’s birthday, or an upcoming event to focus the positivity of your teams.

It’s not always easy, or necessarily right, to provide a managerial presence at every store all the time, but these effective methods can help you to better engage with staff, empowering them with more value and opportunity.

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