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Maximising Music Trends 'The Turn of the Tempo'

The 'Turn of the Tempo'

As the UK's leading provider of Royalty Free Music, we are always on the watch out for the very latest music trends to ensure our playlists are current.

We have noticed recently that the charts are changing… and so are WE! Gone are the days of upbeat, high tempo tracks created by music artists such as Basshunter and Cascada; this year has given rise to some great chart toppers that demonstrate what we think is a shift in our music tastes. Chart toppers of 2017 include; 'Despacito' by Luis Fonsi alongside Justin Bieber, and 'Shape of You' by Ed Sheeran. These are complete parallels to what we have seen previously.

Yakov Vororbyvev (founder of the 'Mixed in Key' DJ app) has also picked up on this. Comparing Spotify's 25 most streamed tracks of 2012 to those of today, he demonstrates this trend. Average beats per minute of 2012 were 113.5 bpm. Now we are looking at an average of 90.5 bpm!

What is driving this shift?

We believe one element lies in social and emotional changes of listeners.

As society becomes increasingly busy are we looking to mellow music to relax us? Well there seems to be science behind this concept as it has been proven that fast tempo music (120-130 bpm) increases blood pressure, heart rate and as a result anxiety. In contrast, slow tempo music with a lower quantity of beats per minute has the opposite effect on the body (Edworthy and Waring, 2010).

We also think the emotional state of listeners are changing. The way that people communicate and express themselves is shifting. Now even more than ever we are encouraged to 'speak out', 'be yourself' and 'share problems', which is now easily done via social media, blogs and forums. Could this growing culture of 'sharing' and a heightened emotional awareness mean that listeners now relate to lyrics more, enjoying the reflective style ballads of Adele and Ed Sheeran?

Our insight

FreedomMusic curate bespoke playlists for clients, all without the need for PRS & PPL licences.

We recognise the influence that music tempo can have on people creates HUGE opportunity for our Customers. We can utilise differences in tempo within Licence Free Music to their advantage based upon business goals. Seems a bold statement but let's see how...Daryl Mitchell (FreedomMusic Relationship Manager) explains.

Sound-wave-music-trends‘Higher Beats Per Minute can encourage a quick turnaround. This can be used in Quick Service Restaurants such as Burger King to get diners served, and seated quickly to increase covers. The same applies to certain retailers who want an increased footfall during peak times.’


Sound-wave-music-trends'Music with fewer beats per minute can in contrast be used to increase dwell time, encourage relaxation and browsing. This can be utilised in restaurants for example, to keep the tilling ringing with increased drink orders alongside meals. This concept also stands for retail...a longer dwell time can increase spend.'


Can you hear the difference?

Listen to some of FreedomMusic's recent sample tracks... can you notice the reduction in beats per minute?

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